The Killers live @B’estfest

This page will be written in english, as I promised you, Peter and Mon 🙂

so, last night was amazing; the killers totally rocked the place and even if it rained a lot I did not feel a single thing. also, had the amazing luck of being right in the centre, in front of the mic. thanks maria for talking to Bogdan, thanks Bogdan for the ticket, thanks Peter and Mon for being that nice and saved me out there 🙂


I started as human without any intention of becoming a dancer, than totally blanked, I cannot remeber what happened. Somebody told me that for reasons unknown this is my life and the world that we live in is like a joy ride. Then we had to face the confessions of a king, but I did everything, everything I wanted to, in my own shadowplay. Of course that I smiled like I meant it, but suddenly I felt like I was losing touch. I might
have just flown too far from the floor this time, but the spaceman said, “It’s all in your mind!” Change came in disguised of revelation and we felt like we were in some kind of dustland fairytale. I had then to see all these things that I’ve done and refused to be brightside. Can you read my mind? Can you understand that Jenny was a friend of mine / when you were young?

so, these were the 18 songs from last night 🙂 I cannot remeber nr 2 (blanked), if you can help me I would appreciate it.

2.    …
5.  it might be a little bit wet out there, but we can still have a good time”

7.    Joy Ride
8.    Bling
11.   Losing touch